Absorbable Haemostatic Collagen Felt


Lyocoll is a nativ collagen haemostatic material in fibrillar structure in bovine origin.

Lyocoll is a local haemostatic used in all types of surgery to control of capillary, venous bleeding and oozing where the conventional methods are impractical and inefficient.

The surface of Lyocoll supplies an ideal structure for the thrombocytes to adhere and the coagulation cascade begins; adherence, degranulation, and aggregation of blood platelets.

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Lyocoll has an excellent haemostatic property and its surface structure also provides an additional strength to the coagulation procedure.

Lyocoll Collagen products are more effectively for local haemostasis to compare it with all haemostyptics made from other basic materials.

Lyocoll is available in Felt and Powder form and sterile double blister packaged.

Lyocoll Collagen Haemostat classified as Class III according to Medical Device Directives 93/42/EEC


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